What Are The Best Healing Crystals To Have?

Healing crystals most people use them to treat them energy systems by placing them around the body. Healing crystals can also help to draw away any negative energy in your body. Also, crystal healing is often used instead of medical treatment.

There are several types of crystals, and all have different reasons. Below are some of the best healing crystals to have:

1. Amethyst


Amethyst crystal is the best to use to cure hangovers, calms the mind, and also drunkenness. This crystal is said to help most people to connect to their spirituality and also to enhance psychic ability. Amethyst crystal can help to relieve physical and emotional pain and also may be used to heal and overcome the power of addiction.

2. Iron pyrite

This healing crystal may be used to draw away any negative energy and physical danger that you may encounter. Iron pyrite is also used to help activate your intellect and also improve your memory on how it works.

Iron pyrite also helps to enhance positive thinking and also help your mind.

3. Malachite

These crystals have powerful healing energy, and it is said that some people use this crystal to reduce the pain in pregnant women during labor. here is what this healing stone does malachite crystal help to heal the inflammation and reduce pain and pregnancy discomforts.

4. Citrine

This healing crystal is beneficial and helps people to overcome disturbing nightmares and take away all the negative energy. Citrine can change negative energy into positive, and it is an effective detoxifies on your body. This type of crystal is also used to treat constipation and liver congestion.


Healing crystals need to be handled with care because some are powerful, and also these crystals are used to heal body, soul, mind, and spirit. Because the healing crystals have different energies, it essential to know which crystal is best for your need and suitable for your body.