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“CHANCE” is a screwball, romantic comedy about a twenty-something girl looking for love while dealing with an obsessive compulsive roomie, her new age hippie mother, a pesky neighbor and a dead girl lying in her bed.

“I thought this is really reminiscent of Woody Allen, with his talking with the camera, the vignettes and crazy female characters. We tried to create our own little world,”…” I feel like there’s at least one character that everyone can relate to. It may not be the same one, but there’s somebody in there that you can say, ‘Aha! I understand that person.'” –Amber Benson (source- Sally Tidwel).

Not only is Benson the writer, producer and director, she also plays the title character. While starring as “Tara” in the television series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, Benson filmed “CHANCE” in ten days during Buffy’s fifth season. Buffy Creator Joss Whedon penned the opening song and several fellow Buffy stars joined the cast of “CHANCE”.

“I think that movie was a really auspicious beginning for a very talented storyteller. I had a blast doing it because I got to play something completely unlike Spike. I was in a dress! I look forward to her next movie. What you see is delightful.” –James Marsters

“It’s a brilliantly charming movie with fantastic performances.” Christopher Golden

“CHANCE” was shot on digital film for under 100,000. Benson used money from her work on BTVS and raised money on the internet by donations and selling an exclusive photo and CHANCE poster designed by her sister Danielle. Benson knew fans were pleased with “CHANCE” when it received the Audience Choice Award for Best Feature at Birmingham’s 2002 Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival.

“In the end, I think that Chance became sort of my take on relationships,” …“It’s so hard to be an independent woman. You want to assert yourself and have control over how the relationship works on one hand, but you also want to be loved and supported unconditionally as a feminine being. So there’s this strange dichotomy happening in your head and you end up making weird, sometimes wrong decisions, just because you’re so confused inside.” –Amber Benson (source- Kenn McCracken)

“When we made this, we were thinking it was more of an educational experience for Amber,” … “If nothing ever happened to it, it was a calling-card for her in Hollywood, because they don’t think women can do anything. And we wanted to show them that a young actress could also direct and write and produce.” —Diane Benson

(source- Bob Carlton)

amber_bensonAmber Benson as— “Chance” Actor/ Writer/Director/Producer/Singer and Humanitarian… a multi-talented young entrepreneur. Benson was born January 8, 1977 in Alabama. She attended Highlands Day School and started acting at Birmingham Children’s Theatre and Town and Gown Theater before moving to Los Angeles at age 14. Benson made her acting debut in Director Steven Soderbergh’s critically acclaimed “KING OF THE HILL” and won the Best Lead Actress Award for her role in “RACE YOU TO THE BOTTOM”. Other tv/film credits include “SFW”, “CAN’T HARDLY WAIT”, “BYE BYE LOVE”, “HOLIDAY WISHES “, “COLD CASE” and, most notably, as “Tara” in the award winning TV series “BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER”.Benson also wrote, directed, produced and stars in, “LOVERS, LIARS AND LUNATICS“, her second independent film. “LOVERS, LIARS AND LUNATICS” own Christine Estabrook and James Marsters,”Spike” from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, co-star in “CHANCE”. Her most recent works include: “SIMPLE THINGS”, “ANGST” -(an Independent Film by “LOVERS, LIARS AND LUNATICS” co-star, Michael Muhney), “LATTER DAYS”, “SUPERNATURAL” and, takes the lead in Sci-Fi Original Pictures, “GRYPHON”.

Teaming up with writer Christopher Golden, Benson co-wrote a series of comic books based on her character, “Tara” from the television series, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” titled “WannaBlessedBe” and “Wilderness”. Benson and Golden created an animated series set during 19th Century London, “GHOSTS OF ALBION” for the BBCi. The success of the on-line animation led to, “ACCURSED”, the first in a series of novels continuing the GOA saga. A second novel, “WITCHERY”, was released by Del Ray Books fall of 2006. Also in print: “ASTRAY” and “INITIATION”, limited edition books based on the BBCI animation published by Subterranean Press and “SEVEN WHISTLERS”, a horror novel the duo wrote especially for Subterranean Press . The GOA series will hit comic shops soon as a 4 part comic mini-series published by Moonstone Comics.