“Lovers, Liars and Lunatics” is a dark, screwball comedy about a neurotic suburban family that gets held hostage in their home by two inept burglars. Only as the night progresses do we realize that the Machiavellian machinations of the family are actually drawing the burglars further and further into their nefarious familial schemes, until reality blurs, and we no longer know who we should be rooting for: the family, or the burglars.

—Amber Benson

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updated FEB 7, 2008

** March 29th, 2008 noon to midnight ** LOVERS, LIARS AND LUNATICS will be screened at the SAN DIEGO INDIE MUSIC FEST. Located in North Park, San Diego, on the Sun & Moon Vision Productions’ Indie Film Stage: Stephen & Mary Birch North Park Theatre 2891 University Avenue. Visit SDIMF for ticket information. Hope to see you there!

** May 3rd, 2008 at 3pm. ** Southwest Alternate Media Project is hosting a special screening of “LOVERS, LIARS AND LUNATICS”. Writer/Director Amber Benson will attend and participate in a Q & A session following the screening. The screening will be held at the Rice Cinema, located on the campus of Rice University, Houston, Texas.

Visit SWAMP for details.


** Sunday, November 11, 2007 at 1:15pm. ** Amber Benson will be at the Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington, NY to screen LOVERS, LIARS AND LUNATICS. Starting at 1:15pm, there will be a brief introduction before the screening, a discussion on the film, followed by a reception in the café.

Cinema Arts Centre
423 Park Avenue
Huntington, NY 11743


**Screenwriter/Director David Greenberg reviews LOVERS, LIARS AND LUNATICS for the INDIETALK independent film-making community. Read it here.

**Sirens of Cinema Vol. 2 – issue #7 includes a special review on LOVERS, LIARS AND LUNATICS. Pick up a copy here.


–courtesy of Amber Benson and Mike Watt – Editor, Sirens of Cinema magazine.

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In this three part article, originally published exclusively in Sirens of Cinema Magazine (V2-3, 4 & 5), LOVERS,LIARS AND LUNATICS creator, Amber Benson gives readers a glimpse into the world of Independent Film-making.

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Part 1

(Or How I Sold Dolls of Myself to Make a Movie)
By, Amber Benson

As far back as I can remember I’ve always loved stories. And that includes telling them, as much as reading them, and hearing them read to me.

Of course, I had only the vaguest hope –being born into a family of medical professionals in Birmingham, Alabama –that I would get to create stories which would influence and inspire the minds of the next generation as much as the books and movies I read and saw inspired and influenced me.

Okay… I hear the assorted members of the peanut gallery snickering in the darkness. Maybe the words ‘influence’ and ‘inspire’ are a bit too benign a description for the movies and books I’ve created. I suppose the sentiment ‘to warp and pervert’ might be a more apt description for what I create, because I like to write and film tales that have egregious amounts of sex and death and lots and lots of dirty words.

In fact, before my last film was re-titled, Lovers, Liars and Lunatics, it was affectionately referred to as, “The Dirty Script.”

You can imagine the response I got when I sent in my paperwork to the Screen Actors Guild, the SPCA, Kodak, etc. And then the subsequent explaining that had to be done every time I called some equipment vendor or agent to talk about the project.

“No, M’am, we are not making a pornographic film. No, M’am, the actors will be wearing their clothes throughout the piece. No, M’am, I do not draw my paycheck from Vivid Entertainment, or any of its subsidiaries.”

Okay, now that I’ve completely digressed, let’s get back to the original point of this article, which was for me to enlighten all of you about the making of my latest film, Lovers, Liars and Lunatics.

So, here we go:

How I Made A Movie By Selling Dolls of Myself For Money.

Some famous person somewhere once said that you have to use whatever you have to get ahead. I firmly believe in this statement. I, myself, had two thousand Amber Benson action figures (that’s one ton for those of you who’re curious) stuffed into large boxes in my garage. Sounds odd, but it’s the God’s honest truth.

My mother had actually had the bright idea of commissioning Diamond Toys to make us (i.e. my company, Benson Entertainment) a limited edition run of a variant Buffy the Vampire Slayer action figure of my character, Tara Maclay, about six months earlier. She thought it would be an awesome way to fundraise for “The Dirty Script.”

She also had the bright idea of letting p