Most Popular Charity Organizations

Have you ever given out your monies towards a specific humanitarian course, well, most of the time these donations are made to a particular organisation, which in turn will deliver goods and services or even financial support to the needy persons.

Charity organisations are thus meant for humanitarian assistance and not for profit-making purposes. Hence, in this article, the most popular charity organisations are going to be discussed.

Doctors without Boarder, USA

This is an organisation that deals with humanitarian medical assistance. It is based in New York and operates in more than 60 countries.


The purpose of this organisation is to respond to medical urgencies that arise due to issues such as catastrophes, violence, hunger and famine, malnutrition, natural disasters, health care exclusion among others. This organisation is supported majorly by the United Nations and the government of the United States.

American Cancer Society

This is an organisation that is based on Atlanta Georgia and is dedicated to helping the people living with cancer to fight it. It is dedicated to cancer charity.

Although it is known mostly for research work about cancer, it involves itself in issues like psychological support to those with the disease, healthy lifestyle promotion to help people avoid means in which they can get cancer, and also providing relevant information to the public to raise awareness.

Next Generation Choice Foundation

This foundation helps to deliver messages, thus creating awareness to reduce the means that are linked to cancer more so those which are preventable and unnecessary. This organisation teaches people how proper nutrition and exercises can reduce the danger of getting cancer.

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It also provides non-toxic teddy bears for children thus minimizing chances that children can get cancer from toys. Thus, it raises awareness for less cancer and making the world cancer free place to live in.

World Wildlife Fund

The organisation was started in 1961 with a mission to conserve nature. It works towards the preservation of diversity and abundance of life on planet earth and making sure, we have a healthy ecological system.

Thus, its commitment is to reverse the degradation of the earth’s natural environment and to construct a future that human being and nature can coexist harmoniously.

American Red Cross

Clara Barton founded it in 1881 in America. Since its founding, it has been the number one organisation to respond to an emergency. This organisation offer food, shelter, and comfort to the disaster-stricken people.

Furthermore, the organisation mobilizes donation of blood, and it is supplied to the needy patients. This is the organisation that has reached at least every part of the world. Its impact cannot be ignored since it has led to countries to similar state organisations.

Take away

Charity organizations are meant to help the public in one area or another. Thus, these organisations are unique, and they come with specialization of duties.


Hence, other organisations are purely egalitarian while other are developmental oriented. Each organisation according to its objectives, strive to fulfill is the mission and later its goals.