Latest Films and New Releases of Movies 2018

This is our specially curated, Lover Liars and Lunatics, list of top new releases of movies in 2018!

  • The Incredibles

If you are a great fan of the Incredibles sequels, well the second one is finally out, and its numbers do not seem to be dropping any time soon. The tale is about how Bob and Violet and Bob have no option to stay home after Helen gets into the spotlight for her amazing powers. The fact that all of them have their amazing powers makes it hard for the family to have a typical day and worse still, a new breed of villains is emerging, and the family has no alternative than to get it done.

  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Jurassic-WorldAnother sequel of the Jurassic movies is out, and the world cannot seem to have enough of it. In this new movie, Owen and Claire decide to go back to the island of Nublar with the intention if saving the last dinosaurs who might have survived the previous volcano. Unknown to them, there is yet a new breed of super-gigantic dinosaurs that are willing to go to the depths of death to survive. Another intense conspiracy emerges from a deeper delve in the giant dinosaurs, and now the fate of the whole world is hanging by the threat of a needle.

  • Antman and the Wasp

Another sequel of Antman is here. The introduction of the movie is quick to bring back the viewers to the moment when Antman lost his wife when she chose to shrink herself in the presence of toxic nuclear components that led to her disappearance. Antman is still going through the challenges of being a superhero and a single father. Soon, an urgent mission pops up that requires Antman to fight alongside the wasp, which is not a walk in the park because of dark pasts’ secrets that cannot seem to stay in the closet.

  • Adrift

AdriftHas it ever crossed your mind about what could probably happen when you find yourself trapped in a heavy storm in a boat that is fast sinking? The Adrift seeks to create for you the possible instances that people are bound to encounter and how they would respond to those situations. The movie is all about a couple, Tami and Richard who set out to have an amazing bonding moment in the sea oblivious of the fact that they are sailing into one of the worst hurricanes in the history of man. How Tami gives everything her best to save Richard is breath-taking.

  • Ocean’s 8

When you mention this movie out loudly in the streets out there, and people cringe at the idea of the smartest heists the world has ever witnessed. In this new movie, Debbie Oceans has been counting approximately five years, eight months and twelve days all while working out a perfect plan to steal an invaluable royal necklace that is worth $150. She approaches her best partner Miller how prevails upon her to hire another team of extra hands who are competent in their respective fields of work.