Do Most Photographers Use Lightroom And Why?

Whether you are an amateur or a seasoned pro before it takes long you will start getting overwhelmed by the volume of images you have produced. So, how do you stay organized? What is the most efficient way to process and deliver images for print, web or email?

Well, most people use different programs to ensure they stay organized and have an easy time to edit their images. Although there are many software programs for editing photos, one particular tool, the Lightroom stands out from the crowd as the best image editing and processing and rendering software.

In some instances, some photographers still prefer working on Adobe Photoshop, lightroom presets editing tool is gaining popularity among most photographers. It is a faultless tool that works hand in hand with Adobe Photoshop. Besides, most people find it easy and simple to use. It provides convenient editing features that can dramatically improve your images in a timely fashion.



In addition, the tool is perfect for both beginners and pros. Moreover, the software does not take much space on your device, making it absolutely ideal for less capable machines. So, why should you use Lightroom for editing your photos? Highlighted below are some of the top reasons.

1. Excellent Image Organization

With the Lightroom program, you can make duplicate copies of your photos. You can have one for the catalog and backup. Besides, using this tool can allow you to apply metadata and keywords to your images.

This makes importation of the images easy. In addition, you can easily apply processing presets as well.

2. Easy Publication

If you like publishing images to your website regularly, then this tool will come in handy. You can easily achieve this by using the Lightroom’s Publishing Services.


This service allows you to export images with the file name, quality, and dimensions and file format that you selected with any variation.

3. Non-destructive Editing

Unlike other image editing tools, Lightroom does not edit the original photos, but instead, it imports a copy that you can edit as many times as possible and the footprints will still be kept. Once done with editing, you can give your file the correct name and export it while still maintaining the original image.

4. Slider based controls

Making changes to an image on Lightroom is easy. Whether you are looking to adjust clarity, brightness and other settings, the software offers slider-based controls that are very intuitive and easy to use and apply.

5. Easy watermarking

Most photographers have to battle with the issue of copyrights all the time. In the digital era, controlling how people use your images might be a daunting task and the safest way to guard your image against unauthorized usage is by having a watermark on them.


With this tool. Adding watermark to your photos is extremely easy. You can either create watermark using other programs or add a predefined one and save it.

6. Multitude of Presets

Typically, Lightroom uses preset and not actions. Presets are easy to make in Lightroom. They help in altering and modifying the appearance of pictures. You can create your own presets by making adjustments to a photo or by simply importing them to the program.

7. Excellent management

This software can easily create backup copies of your photos in the desired file format. Besides, with very little effort, you can add keywords that can help you in searching some file. Additionally, you can use apply presets to your work just with a few clicks.