Coming Soon Movies: 2018

Check out the Lover Liars and Lunatics, list of new upcoming releases of movies in 2018!

  • Bumble Bee

It is one of the most anticipated movies of all time. The role that Bumble Bee plays in the whole of the Transformers sequels is far too impressive to pass for ignorance. In this movie, it is 1987, and now Bumblebee is beginning his auto bot life in the backyard junk show of a simple teenager. The current state of Bumble Bee is too fragile to even get out in the field for a typical ride, and Charlie is quick to suggest a quick reformation. When Bumblebee is finally good enough to get into action, Charlie is fast to notice that this yellow Volkswagen is no ordinary car.

  • Mission Impossible: The Fall Out

Mission Impossible: The Fall OutEthan Hunt is the former MI6 agent that seems to be the victims of circumstances even when he has the best of all intentions. The worst villains in the game understand that the man is unstoppable and could be worse suppose he got his old team back. A plan to dismantle the plan before it even comes to begin hatching and sooner rather than later, the whole team finds itself in a life-threatening situation whose deadline is drawing in at a critical rate. Ethan Hunt is more than willing to give his life for the benefit of the team and his family but, that is never enough with this new brand of villains.

  • Skyscraper

SkyscraperDwayne Johnson is Will Ford in this movie. His objective is to ascertain the security of the tallest buildings in the world and in one or another, his assignments send him to China. Here, he is quick to learn that out of all the tallest buildings he has ever scrutinized, this one in China is not only the tallest, it is safe as well. In his visit, it does not take long before a fire breaks out and Ford is framed as the arson. Because arson is a first-class crime, all security agencies in the state get wind of the news fast, and they set out to hunt for the criminal. He is now on the run yet his family remains in the building while the fire keeps spreading by the passage of every second. It gets worse when he tries to rescue his family because he is a wanted man who is sure that there is someone else behind his framing. Time is running out quick, and Ford is a devastated, man.

  • The Equalizer 2

The second sequel of the infamous Equalizer movie is out, and Robert McCall is one angry man. He has been out of the game for ages, but when local thugs murder his close friend and partner, he takes it upon himself to equalize the situation. He is too taken by the avenging mission that he does not seem to notice going out of his jurisdictional lines. His wave of justice is distinct from his ability to bring to justice, in all possible ways, all perpetrators no matter how much toil it may take out of him.