5 Ways You Can Improve Your Internet Speed

From moderate to heavy internet users, speed is the essential aspect of operation. Faster speeds mean faster downloading, uploading, sending files, or streaming. For this reason, having the best possible internet speeds is of paramount importance. If you rely on the internet for most of your activities, there are several ways to improve your internet speed, and they include the following tweaks:

Move Your Router Closer to Your Computer


If you own a router, you will notice that internet speeds reduce as you move away from it. Try to position any devices that need an internet connection as close as possible to your router for the best speeds. While moving your router or device, you should make sure that your device and the router have enough space around them to prevent instances of overheating. Also, clear a path between your router and computer or phone because any barrier, such as a wall will throttle the signal and reduce speeds.

Switch to Ethernet over Wi-Fi


If your computer comes with an Ethernet port, you should consider using it instead of connecting wirelessly. With Ethernet, you will get improved speeds. The better speeds will be because an Ethernet cable eliminates the slight delay that occurs as a signal leaves a router and connects to a device. In some computers, such as a modern Mac, you may need a USB-C to Ethernet adapter to pull off this tweak. The only disadvantage of Ethernet is that it cannot work on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. On the other hand, most computers should have this type of connection readily available.

Invest in a Wi-Fi Range Extender


A Wi-Fi range extender is a small device that takes in your router’s signal and then amplifies it. As a result, the signal can reach places that it could never reach before. The only issue with this little hack is that the range extenders are a bit costly. Nevertheless, they are a cheaper alternative to getting a new router. In addition, you can use an aluminum can to make a homemade DIY Wi-Fi range extender. Before purchasing one of these gadgets, ensure that you check whether they are compatible with the type of router that you own.

Invest in a New Router or Use a Leased Line

Sometimes, technology can fail us as it ages. For instance, if you own a router or a modem that is a few years old, it can throttle your internet speeds. A replacement modem or router will significantly improve both internet range and speed. Buying a leased line will be a good idea if you have a business. As long as you pay the monthly leased line cost, you will have consistent internet speeds. This is a nice deal for heavy internet users.

Lock Out Internet Thieves

If you are using Wi-Fi, ensure you have a secure password in place. It may not only keep you safe from hacking but also keep away-unauthorized users. Leaving your connection open allows additional connections that will bring down your internet speeds. With a password in place, only you can use your internet at the best available speed. Limiting the number of connections to your router at the same time is also essential.
Besides the above tweaks to improve your internet speeds, there is more that you can do. Always ensure that all your devices are up to date regarding software. Newer versions tend to respond faster to internet connections. You can also scan for malware and viruses that may be affecting how your device handles the internet. There are some other ways to improve your internet speed. These five hacks are just some of the most effective means of doing so.