5 Best Team Building Activities in Boston

Perhaps you have been encouraged to participate in a team building activity while working in an organization. It might have been as simple as sharing facts about yourself in the conference room amongst your colleagues. Such as scenario is not always the best as it could result in some form of awkwardness.
If you have been asked to put together a team building activity this year, do not worry. This article will provide you with five of the best ideas that you and your colleagues will enjoy and remember for a long time.

1. A Boating experience On Charles River

The Charles River is a major attraction site for local and international tourists. It is an ideal place to relax away from the hustles in the city. Activities such as sailing, kayaking, and canoeing that take place on this river are a perfect adventure with your workmates. There are also companies that offer sunset cruises along the river.

2. Room escape games

escape roomEscape rooms are gaining popularity nowadays and becoming readily available in major cities including Boston. Games available in this set up requires teamwork to solve puzzles and clues to escape room before the allocated time expires. Boston offers several mystery challenges that you need to tackle with your colleagues. You can request for specific team building challenges for your coworkers. This is an excellent way to have fun and leave the office for a great adventure.

3. Volunteering

Supporting a worthy cause together as a team is a great way to enhance teamwork. In Boston, there are several ways to give back to the community. Some of these include donating professional services to small businesses in need of help or walking the dogs at the animal shelter among others. Fortunately, volunteering is one of the inexpensive team building activities you can engage in. It helps to build morale among your employees while still serving the community at large.

4. Something touristy

Simply because you live and work in Boston does not mean you cannot engage in all the tourist adventures available in Boston. Go out with your colleagues and pretend to be tourists. This could be an excellent way to know each other and visit beautiful places in Boston. You can begin by exploring nearby towns and stores are visiting the top tourist destinations as a group.
This specific activity is most suitable when introducing new employees who have joined the company and are new to the area too. It will help them familiarize with the area and adapt to it much faster.

5. Visit pubs

Let us be honest; free alcohol is an awesome way to encourage people. Sponsoring a bar tour for your employees will motivate them to participate in the team building activity. Fortunately, Boston has numerous bars and breweries which makes it the best venue for such an event. Book one of the famous breweries and get to have some of the best beer in town. Your employees will have fun and create friendship.

Treat your colleagues to a productive and fun-filled team building activity outside the office. With these options, start planning for a great adventure in Boston.